Yoga is an ancient Indian practice to help improve the health of your body and mind. Sex has been a joyful pastime for eons. Is there a connection between the two considering the land of yoga also is the second most populated country in the world?
 In this article, we will explore the relationship between yoga and sex.
 Yoga is an eight folded principle, of which Asana and pranayama are the two primary components being practised by a majority of its followers today. When practised regularly, it helps improve your body awareness, develop more flexibility and brings a sense of wellbeing.
These benefits could enhance the ability of a couple to enjoy sex. Here are the top reasons why practising yoga could lead to great sex. You can learn some of these special skills by watching a few yoga videos.


The Missionary is the most boring pose in sex. Many couples try to spice up their sex life by trying new styles. But they may not be flexible enough to work it successfully. A daily dose of yoga could improve their flexibility so they can try different styles.


When you practice yoga daily, your body awareness increases. As you spend time paying attention to how your body feels, it becomes easy to know what causes pleasure and what brings out the pain. This awareness makes the pleasurable feeling of sex even more enjoyable.


A lot of yoga poses help improve the flexibility of your pelvis. This has a direct impact on your ability to enjoy sex. It opens up the pelvis region, giving you more mobility and increases the blood circulation, which in turn helps bring more sensation to the whole region.


Several yoga techniques like mula banda work on developing the muscles in your pelvic floor. Strengthening the pelvic muscle is key in most asanas. It is similar to doing a lot of Kegel exercises. This will enhance the pleasure for both men and women.


Ultimately, yoga is a tool developed to improve your wellness. With daily practice, you will notice you have more energy than ever before. Guess where you can use this extra energy? Yes, your bedroom. Sex is best when you both have energy and yoga is a great workout to share as a couple


With a little bit of mix and match, many yoga poses can be converted into a sex pose or at least an erotic pose that can spice up your bedroom action. So why not take advantage of your new-found skills?
Western Yoga teachers have already discovered that spending a little bit of time in yoga practice towards sex can attract more students. So do not be surprised if your teacher comes and tells you about this special class or exercise videos dedicated to improving sex life via yoga. It is not only possible, but it is guaranteed to rock your world.