Great Yoga Positions for seniors

Yoga is suitable for all people in varying ages, different sexes, status, profession, views, and beliefs. Children can do yoga, as well as adults, and definitely so can senior citizens. In fact, yoga benefits the old people more since it boost their energy levels, promotes a peaceful mind and spirit, which can potentially lead to a longer, healthy life span.

Yoga benefits for the oldies

Yoga is very beneficial for the old people because yoga exercises reduces the risk of joint swelling, increases the mobility and strength of joint, enhances balance and stability, lessens the chance of falling, improves the cardiovascular health, helps in digestion, provides good sleep, lowers the cholesterol and blood pressure, boosts blood flow, improves well-being, helps with depression, anxiety, grief, and aids in the recovery after surgery.

Yoga positions for seniors

Seniors can definitely enjoy yoga exercises like any other child or adult, and there are poses that are categorized for the oldies.

Mountain pose

This aids with balance, for keeping the feet h2. Stand with the toes touching each other with the heels, then draw the abdominals in and upwards, relax the shoulders down to back. While engaging the leg muscles, take five to eight breaths.

Tree pose

This is great for enhanced strength in the legs and the abdominal. Stand with one foot on the other leg’s inner thigh, could be above or below the knee, then free the leg to the side, make a prayer gesture with the hands, and stay in that pose during five to eight breaths.

Bird dog

This pose is great for h2 support for the abdominal and back. Kneel with one arm stretched forward and the opposite legs stretched backward, and then pull the belly button towards the back or the spine. Breathe once, and then exchange sides. Repeat the pose five times.

Downward facing dog

This pose is good for flexibility, joint health, and bodily strength. Form a triangle using the hands, feet, and hips.


This is good for the spine strength and can lead to the prevention of forward head syndrome. Lie on the stomach with the forearms on the floor, and the elbows should be tucked under the shoulders. Press into the arms and pull the shoulder blades down towards the back, and lift the abdominals, then take five to eight breaths.

Cobbler’s pose

A method for oldies to open the hips and massage the feet, buy sitting and pulling the soles of the feet as the knees open. Hold the feet with the hands while breaths are taken five to eight times.


This pose recharges the nervous system and aids in providing calm to the mind and body. Lie down with the support of the floor, relax completely and just breathe. This is the recommended final pose for any yoga exercises for seniors, and this is very important since this is the method to totally relax, gather the thoughts, and simply rest after the useful yoga exercises.

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